Anne Holt

Anne Holt is a journalist, lawyer, politician, news anchor and crime writer. She attended Law School at the University of Oslo, partly financing her studies by working as a news reporter for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. After graduating in 1986, she continued as a TV journalist, as both news editor and anchorwoman. Holt later joined the Norwegian Police Force as a police attorney for the Oslo region. After her time in the police force and successfully completing her bar exam, she returned to journalism for a few years before she started her own law firm. . She served as Norway’s Minster for Justice between 1996 and 1997.

Holt made her debut as an author with Blind Goddess in 1993. Soon, she was firmly established as one of Scandinavia’s most successful crime writers, a position that she has held ever since. Her novels are intelligent, accessible and suspenseful, with engaging and intriguing protagonists. Tight-knit crime plots are paired with relational drama. Holt is the author of two extremely successful crime series: the Hanne Wilhelmsen series and the Vik/Stubø series which has been adapted into hit Swedish TV show, Modus.